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I purchased and moved to an off-grid farm in the Palni hills, near Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu state in 2019. I am in the process of setting up infrastructure and learning natural farming while I am here. The infrastructure is intended to host small gatherings of like-minded people who want to work with nature and share their expertise in various fields.

The farm project is my attempt to learn agriculture in its most basic and eco-friendly form - natural farming without technology and synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The goal of going away from technology is to help conserve biodiversity on my farm and demonstrate to nearby farmers that the future of agriculture can heal the environment and earn more margins at the same time.

My actions henceforth are aligned towards - at the very least - taking my personal carbon footprint to zero over the next decade.


Since 2016 I am working on Zycelium in my spare time. It is a framework for building seamless personal and office automation for yourself or your organization. It is built to use off-the-shelf DIY electronics components and easy-to-integrate mental models that wrap around every API, exposing the myriad ways of communication as a single interface.

Zycelium further tries to minimize the cognitive load when interacting with embedded devices, online services, mobile or desktop applications and machine learning APIs - customers can choose some or all of these features to create their own Zentropian systems. It embraces a limited vocabulary to welcome non-native English speakers and adheres to clear naming conventions within the source code and in library API. It is expected to be a small-ish shop run with minimal waste and few people.


From 2011 to 2016, co-founded Instamojo with Sampad Swain, Akash Gehani, Aditya Sengupta and Sidharth - the company is growing and helping many small shops, merchants and individuals make and receive payments with ease.


During 2009-2011, pursued photography as a profession and conducted several seminars and workshops on photography independently as well as at institutes including:

  • MahaBank Self-Employment Training Institute, Pune
  • Harkisan Mehta Foundation's Institute for Journalism, Mumbai
  • Tata Institute for Social Sciences, Tuljapur
  • Institute for Social Work and Research, Ahmednagar


In 2008, co-founded oCricket with Brajeshwar Oinam and Baishampayan Ghose, my role was limited here but this opportunity helped me see what else is involved in building a startup beyond simply writing code.


During 2004-2008 I Was exploring photography as a hobby alongside learning programming and doing web-development for small organizations and individuals. For a few months in 2006 I worked at a BPO as providing technical support over phone to small-office and home-office customers. Held three photography exhibitions of photographs of monuments in and around Ahmednagar.


In 2003, co-founded with Baljot Singh Ranu, Joydeep Sengupta, Salim Khan and Tanmoy Chakraborty. The site lasted merely months but was the first stepping stone for my interests in building businesses out of code.