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Hello, Nikola!

Static-site-generators are everywhere and in large numbers. However, one finds most of them lacking in one feature or another. The search for a system that works for you, is neither too simplistic, nor too complex for your needs, has the features you require to build your site can go on for a while before you settle.

I have been using Pelican for over two years and it does most of what I need out of the box. However, I saw people going gaga over Zola and decided to give it a whirl. It is refreshingly simple yet has enough features that I could do pretty much all of what I was doing with Pelican. Creating a theme for Zola, from scratch, was a breeze.

When the basics are taken care of, any self-respecting yak-shaver wants more yaks to shave.

Zola is built in Rust, and even while I'm learning Rust on and off, I'm nowhere near competent programming in it. Python on the other hand is muscle memory now. When it comes to modifying the tools I use because I want them to do something very specific and niche, the preference leans towards Python based tools.

That lead me to search more, and I happened upon Nikola, another tool which, like Pelican is written in Python. I found it just as well documented as Pelican, well thought out and unlike several limitations that are design choices for Zola, Pelican and Nikola are extensible - knowing that people's needs are different.

This is my first post in Nikola, written just to get a hang of how the system works. Next, I'll port the theme I created over almost a week for Zola and see how the experience goes. If it works out, you'll see this post published.

Here goes!